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It’s simple, really. I like to make stuff up, and I like reading and watching stuff that other people have made up. A number of years ago, I realized that there still lived inside of me a ten-year-old boy who would rather draw dinosaurs than do his homework, so I decided to start feeding him.

In today’s society, we are often discouraged from taking flights of fancy because they are deemed impractical, but fantasy has an important place in our lives. The best fantasy stimulates us to examine reality, and in so doing it can improve our lives. Properly applied, imaginary worlds help us to deal more effectively with our own.

Making stuff up is fun, but it’s also much more. It can be serious, disciplined, and difficult work. We should have dreams: practical and impractical. Being a college professor has paid my bills since 1991, and my practical dream is to prepare students for interesting, substantial careers and lives. More specifically, I teach courses in biology. My job requires me to spend a good amount of my time concentrating on the fascinating concepts, details, and thought processes inherent to the natural sciences, but writing fiction is my chance to mess around – to make stuff up. That brings us to my impractical dream.

My goal as a writer is to create an intellectual space that others can enjoy inhabiting until something real catches up with them.

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