The Mid-Atlantic rift

     On the dark ocean bottom, amid the gradual, sometimes violent chaos of the mid-Atlantic rift, a corridor opened. From volcanic upheaval and the spreading of tectonic plates, there emerged a monster as old as the curse on humanity yet unknown to the inquiries of modern science. It fed in the deep and slowly revived. As Robin made her way home that May, it began to rise toward the surface in obedience to some infernal command. 

     It is beyond the power of human reason to determine whether this manifestation occurred in response to the shortcomings of those who plied assorted maritime trades - be they shipping, whaling, or warcraft - or to the iniquities of mankind in general. What can be said is that, unlike most openings of such corridors the world over, this phenomenon had a peculiar characteristic. The creature thus released did not emerge in any diminutive form of early development. Rather, it appeared in its completed enormity, fully capable of havoc and widespread devastation.

     The power of this biological abomination greatly exceeded that of any denizens that the nether realm had previously disgorged into our unsuspecting and unprepared world. In the path of its coming, any heroic capability, any defensive capacity of our feeble race – be it physical or technological - was to be hopelessly overwhelmed. The manner of operation of this animal would extend beyond organic cause and into the supernatural. As such, it would embody the intent of malicious and unseen forces no longer believed in by educated society. Malevolent and vicious, it encroached upon the territories of logic, reason, and the rule of natural law.

     The sonar of military craft from various nations intermittently detected the scaled immensity of that unexpected creature, but the signal moved too erratically to be a man-made vessel and was therefore interpreted as unthreatening to security. Too large to be of known biological origin, the disturbance was often dismissed as an anomaly of one sort or another. The gigantic beast migrated to the Arctic regions, where, for a while, it remained hidden among the ice floes and hunted the right whales that dwelled there, but the respite for humanity was only temporary. It would soon move southward, and none would be prepared for its coming. An engine of wrath and destruction was about to be unleashed on the order of nature and the designs of mankind.

-Excerpt from Obadiah Holt: The Dogwood Legacy, Part III, published 2015

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© Robert Lambert Jones III